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Magento 2, PWA, PIM, ERP, POS offering

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3. Progressive Web App

4. VUE PWA Storefront

5. PIMCore Product Information Management

1. Magento 2, PWA, PIM, ERP, POS Rightshore Consulting offering

6. Odoo 11 ERP • Sales Management

• Inventory Management

• Purchase Management

• Invoicing Management

• Generic Accounting

• Contact Directory

• Finnish Invoice

• Odoo Magento Integration

8. Cost • Magento 2 Open Source project 19600 €

• VUE PWA Storefront project 4800 €

• PIMCore PIM project 3600 €

• Odoo 11 ERP project 6200 €

• Ebizmarts POS project 1800 €

• Total 36000 € (in 4 parts 9000 € ) or 2000 € /month * 18 months (int. 0%) starting begging of the project

7. Point of Sale • Discounts & custom pricing

• Tier pricing

• Customer management

• Gift cards

• Multiple tax levels

• Cash up

• Order notes

• Configurable products

• User roles

• Barcode scanners

• Print & email receipts

• Online order lookup

• Returns & refunds

• Multiple currencies

• Theme-able

• Image gallery

2. Magento 2 Open Source Page 1 BUILT-IN FEATURES Magento Open Source Magento Commerce Integrated Checkout, Payment, and Shipping Includes more payment sources for greater flexibility. Mobile Optimized Shopping Provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop to mobile phones). Global Selling Provides ability to transact in multiple countries, currencies, and use worldwide shipping providers. Catalog Management Manages the creation of rich content across many types of products: simple, configurable, bundled, and customer-personalized. Extended Functionality via App Marketplace Easily add capabilities and connectors for a nominal fee using the Magento Extensions Marketplace. Instant Purchase Provides returning customers with a faster checkout experience. Site Search Comes with Elasticsearch, which delivers high quality search results that help boost conversion rates. Business Intelligence Dashboards Learn more about your customers with advanced reporting tools and over 100 ready-to-use reports. Integrated B2B Functionality Access advanced B2B capabilities like quoting, custom catalogs, and company accounts. Advanced Marketing Tools Create custom promotions and merchandising tactics for your customer groups. Content Staging and Preview Create, schedule, and review site changes faster and more accurately with built-in staging and preview features. Customer Loyalty Tools Includes built-in tools for enabling reward points, gift registries, wish lists, and exclusive private sales events. WYSIWYG Page Builder Includes a built-in enhanced content management system (CMS) with drag and drop interface. Visual Merchandising Enables merchants to organize products on catalog pages dramatically faster and easier. Sort by most popular sales items and more with the click of a mouse. Consider our cloud solution, Magento Commerce to power your online store. It’s the ideal choice for merchants and developers who need an all-in-one cloud solution that is optimized for Magento, easy to deploy, provides enhanced security, and is packed with additional integrated capabilities to accelerate sales. Compare the capabilities of Magento Commerce for yourself. Magento Commerce for Small Business


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